Omni-channel Queue Management. Improve the shopping experience

Digital Signage interaction

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Queue management

Analysis and Forecast. Help in planning

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Queue management

aTurnos offers a complete solution to connect clients with workers in a straightforward and simple way. Clients can set appointments from different devices (the same ticket kiosk in the store, a Web page or an App). The availability of appointments for customers depends directly on the available personnel at each moment and the capacity of these employees to attend each of the queues. All this is defined and controlled by the store managers and the headquarters of the company.

Timelines or large screens show the information of the following appointments and open queues to customers. The information and the look&feel is customizable according to the queue you want to show and where you want to guide the client. In addition, these timelines can be placed both vertically and horizontally according to the needs of the store.

Pantallas Gesti�n Colas aTurnos

These screens do not require any extra equipment to operate, the screen is connected directly to aTurnos service to display the information. The server´s URL is accessed directly with the user defined in the backoffice by the store manager. The automatic access and the automatic shutdown of the equipment in the shop´s opening hours can be set for saving energy consumption.

Digital signage

The Digital Signage interaction allows the customers to access the services of the store in an easy way while maintaining their focus on the purchase.. An appropriate placement of access points to information allows launching actions such as:

  • Notify an assistant of the need for help at a purchase point.
  • Give feedback about the costumer support or if the purchase process is being satisfactory
  • Log in for a previous appointment requested and register the entry in the process of beginning the appointment.
  • Check the availability of products in store or identify where certain product is located inside the store.


Shopping on smartphones has become a trending habit, and therefore its importance in the purchasing decision processes as well. In addition, it generates straightforward data which allows obtaining ratios and information to review the processes and the "Customer Journey".. Developing integrated APPs with the services offered by the store, allows the customer, both inside and outside the establishment, to be involved in the purchase process at any time.

Improve the waiting time at key points such as checkouts or the after-sale service.. Implement a Multichannel Queue Management based on APPs and digital signage to notify customers of the state of the queue and let them focus more on the purchase.. Improve your image to the client in two ways: technology innovation and transparency in the processes.

Analysis and planning

One of the great values ​​of process digitalization in retail is the amount of generated information.. All the collected data in the store from the digital signage, APPs, Web or by the managers is stored for further processing.. Analyze better what happens in each store and make decisions in these three levels:

  1. Historical data, to better understand what happens in the store, both with customers and workers.Detect the events that improve the "Customer Journey".
  2. Generate notifications in real time based on the different key indicators that are important for your core, such as the waiting time of each queue or the number of requests for assistance.
  3. Forecast the amount of personnel you would need for different situations or improve the planning maintaining the expenses and the staff and changing the main ratios.