Integration and Servers

Connect with the API with any existing system in your company

API. Employee 2.0

Total integration system with the employee

In large companies we rely on two pillars: Integrations and Servers. The integration allows the fast interconnection with the existing information in the company in both directions from our API. The servers offer different work architectures depending on the needs of the client.


aTurnos has an API so that payroll systems, ERPs, HR systems or any other system can be integrated dynamically and in a transparent way to services. These integrations with the existing systems are immediate thanks to the Rest Services and JSON technologies that are implemented in aTurnos. The client has a Token generated by aTurnos that allows him to recover the information safely through the defined interface. The specification of this language is only available for our premium clients and for each of the features within aTurnos. The methodology is very simple, with the user ID and its generated Token, the client´s systems can recover and dump data automatically according to the functionality presented in the API.

The whole presentation layer of aTurnos to its clients either from Web environments or other applications uses part of these services to offer the greatest cohesion of third-party systems with aTurnos. The API of aTurnos is dynamic so we are always adding new services to the new requirements we implement. If you consider it interesting to add your service to our API, please do not hesitate to contact us. We attach the latest version of the API.

For example, the tasks feature allows identifying the availability of employees with certain characteristics to give appointments to clients. The company wants to maintain its App or Web and for the use of aTurnos to be completely transparent. Customers enter their system and begin to make reservations. These systems already developed ask the API of aTurnos about the availability of professionals which allows to make reservations and analyze the availabilities. The following image details this example.

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aTurnos has different technical solutions depending on the implementation needs of each type of client. Technical needs meet specific requirements regarding the client's architecture or integration needs with their own elements. The different options available are:

  1. aTurnos Cloud. Users directly access aTurnos from and can use all the available capacity of the premium version of aTurnos. All this includes unlimited access, all the functions defined in the aTurnos engine, a support via mail and a 24x7 operation. The main advantages are: the client forgets about servers and maintenance, it includes all the default functions of aTurnos which include 99% of the needs in the management of shift workers; in addition, aTurnos has interfaces to communicate with existing systems in the company such as payroll or human resources management tools to perform integrations and update data.

  2. Own server. The client has a dedicated server thanks to the aTurnos engine. This allows a total customization of the tool including: customer styles, logos, colors, the client´s blog, custom icons and information directly published in the system. The user uses a shift management tool with the client´s Look&Feel entering a web defined by the company, for example This solution allows adding specific functions depending on the needs of the client. A consulting process can be defined by aTurnos to analyze the new functionalities which cover the client´s needs. Then, a customized development can be integrated into the company´s shifts management website. In addition, the client has server administration functions and direct access to the data. In this case the support could be managed by the same company, thanks to the fact that aTurnos provides tools for this task.