In aTurnos we do not only make software, we also help companies to improve their planning and organization processes. These are the first questions you have to ask yourself if you want us to help you.

First questions

  • What is your time/shifts management problem?
  • In what management does your team lose productivity?
  • Where do the supervisors/managers need help?
  • At what point does management lose control?

About types of shifts

  • Are you working with fixed shifts that rotate or can you assign independent hours such as contract hours, overtime, complementary hours? That is, to have a morning shift and the next day work 2 hours in another service out of the ordinary shift.
  • Does the staff rotate from one team to another? Is there movement between teams? Team is understood as the group of workers that share a schedule, locations and can replace each other.
  • Are there a lot of shift combinations? Are the work days so flexible that they can not be organized in shifts but in hours?
  • Do you want to identify the different types of absenteeism, identify the types of paid absences?

About the plans and agreements

  • Is it a problem to do an annual planning? Is it a problem of demand adjustment? Is it a problem of shift assignments? Is it a problem of time and attendance?.

    1. Problem of adjustment to the demand: I need to know the number of workers with each type of contract to meet the demand plus the possible deviations. I have a demand and the agreements restrictions, I need to define the types of shifts, the number of workers and assign the shifts.

    2. Assignment problem: I have defined workers and I want to cover the shifts that I have in an equitable way.

    3. Problem of time and attendance control: I assign shifts according to the demand but I need information about the status of hours of each worker to fulfill the agreement and not incur extra costs.

  • Do you have a labor agreement or an internal policy with too many restrictions and difficulty to adjust the schedule?
  • With the new legislation, do I have to control the complementary hours of half-days and full days?

About workers and flexibility

  • Is there any flexibility during the shift or during the workday? There is a person from the team who moves from one location to another according to the demand. Do you have a high level of rotation? Are workers hired during high levels of demand or do you have to re-plan?
  • Do you hand them the schedule personally on paper? Do workers complain because the schedules are delivered late?
  • Do you allow shift swaps between workers? How is the swapping managed between workers? Do you have to sign it on paper? Will they be able to access the system and see the rest's shifts?
  • Do you need control over the experience of each employee and the service quality at all times?
  • Are there errors in the assignment or communication of the new schedules?
  • Do you have absenteeism problems?
  • Are there communication problems with the work teams? Do you need a real time communication system with the teams?
  • How are the holidays assigned? Is there any specific criteria?
  • Are there any specific restrictions for any team members?

Integration of data

  • What Dashboard or information do you need for your daily operations?
  • Is this information for operations/planning or for statistical purposes?
  • Do you lose productivity passing the new shift assignments to the ERP payroll systems?
  • Do you need integration with other systems?

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