Events & Meetings

Multichannel information

Constantly monitor

Create events for your clients

Watch video of events

Workers create and/or monitor events and meeting rooms for both clients and workers in a simple and controlled way

Plan the different events and meetings within your company, hotel or store. Control the posting of the events from different sources: Web, APP or Digital signage.

Define a multi-channel strategy so that customers and workers from any device or touch screen can reach information of events and rooms. All connected with the elements of the company from the aTurnos API

The process to control the access of clients to the events of the company is now simple, these steps are changeable according to each company´s needs:

  1. The users generate the meeting or event within aTurnos with a simple form, define what resources are needed and the people attending the meeting. Attendees can register or be open to the public within predefined rules.
  2. The clients and workers involved receive a notification of the event through different channels. If it is open, interfaces such as the Web are available for customers to register.
  3. One of the key channels is the Digital signage, for example at the entrance of the room or at the entrance of the company the status of the meeting or the event is validated (in progress, delayed, etc.).
  4. The person who manages the event receives notifications when clients register for the event. To control the access to the event, customers can identify themselves in the touch kiosk simplifying and automating the access process to the facilities.
  5. Once the event has started, the agenda can be checked to request more time or warn of delays or any incident.

Communicating to clients and workers information about the events available within the company requires processes that need to be automated, the saturation of digital content is increasing and drawing the customers attention is every time more complicated

Use the digital signage within your company to publish information about your events and from these elements allow customers to register and participate in a direct and simple way. Combine digital signage with elements such as Apps or Web to define a complete communication strategy. aTurnos has an API for the integration with the existing systems in companies.

Improve productivity in attracting customers for your company´s events while maintaining an innovative image. Use digital tactile signage to make it easier for customers to participate and obtain important information.

Control the agenda of your company´s events and analyze the results achieved. Confirm if the events and meetings meet the defined ratios. Check the number of attendees, the workers who attend and those who don´t and how customers behave. Analyze from complete statistics how clients behave before the event you propose within your company or from outside it.