Cost assistant





Analyze costs and plan budgets depending on the staff you need

Check if it is better to hire more workers, work overtime shifts or the best combination of both to cover the need of staff while maintaining costs

Analyze labor costs and deviations from the initial planning at all times

Make staff budgets according to forecasts

Assign costs to each worker attending to the contract, location, holidays, overtime, etc. Check and plan cost deviations to validate your spending ratios in real time. You can both plan teams to calculate budgets and track the employees you have working. Within the workforce management there are many concepts that have different costs which depend on the locations, annual hours, excess of monthly or weekly hours, special agreements, etc.


Define the different types of contracts you have available, indicating the cost per hour for each case: holidays, night, overtime, ordinary hours, etc. Assign contracts to each worker, knowing that you can make the changes you want whenever you want. The record of costs is always stored.

When the assignments are made in the real schedule, the system automatically updates the labor costs of the personnel. In addition, notifications can be generated when the costs exceed certain ratios. Validate that information and make reports of your teams costs. These costs can also be calculated within specific locations and according to the category of the different workers.