How does holiday management work?


What raises concern to companies before, during or after scheduling are holiday requests. Supervisors and workers spend a lot of time resolving this issues, which can be a real headache..

The problem increases in companies that need to maintain a minimum of employees to cover the positions of the company's basic operations in these periods. For example, in a factory where the positions needed at the manufacturing process are the same in any period if production is maintained. aTurnos allows you to work easily with this two options:

  1. Companies where holidays are covered by external workers with new hires or are not covered..
  2. The same team covers holidays without new personnel making it necessary to validate.

For both options aTurnos has developed a process based on an assistant where the process is much more simple and transparent::

  1. The worker requests holidays or permissions in the system.
  2. The supervisor reviews the pending requests and analyzes with the assistant the possibility of accepting or rejecting them. With the assistant you can define if you have to look for a substitute and if you count just the the working days or the whole week. For all the different situations, the supervisor can check::
    1. Identify whether reaching the maximum holidays per year or maintaining the previous year´s holidays.
    2. If the minimums defined are covered by substitutes.
    3. If the profiles of the available substitute personnel are equivalent or in the same location.
    4. Sort the possible substitutes according to criteria of worked hours, week, month or year.
    5. If the person who is going to cover the co-worker's holidays is exceeding the annual or monthly maximum hours or any other restriction.
  3. If the supervisor considers so, the request is accepted or canceled if there is any problem. The worker receives a notification in both cases.

aTurnos keeps the holiday accounting of each worker according to his/her period of registration in the company. In addition, according to the established agreement, it is controlled if the holidays are considered within just the working days or the calendar days.

We are especially proud of our Holiday Manager, here you have a video of the holiday management process which is done on the same screen, seeing all the information at once to make the best decisions.