Digital signage

Show important information to your customers and workers at the right time in a natural way

Connect the digital world with your customers and workers from digital signage of different formats, 100% cloud and without any installation

Manage waiting lines with personalized information and your look & feel. Solutions for retail, administration or logistics


The timelines of the company are the screens where the clients visualize the waiting lines, the appointments, the state of their appointments, the following clients, the waiting times, the appointments in course or the following appointments. An example in retail is when the customer is waiting to be called to a checkpoint or visualize if that checkpoint is busy, if the appointment is late or has been called.

All this in 10 "/ 22" / 42 "/ 48" / 55 " HD monitors updated in real time and directly connected to the cloud without any extra hardware The information shown is configurable, some examples are:

  • The name of the queue, such as returns, financing, consultations, etc.
  • The identifier of the appointment: Abbreviation of the queue and the number that matches the customer's ticket.
  • The status of the appointment or task, such as "Go to the Post", "Next call"
  • Tasks in process for the workers as orders, tasks, activities, events, etc.

All this can be changed dynamically, timelines can change queue, worker or function. For example, if there is a high level of work for a given service, timelines can be changed to the service demanded in real time from a Backoffice by the team leader.

Also these Timelines have sound capabilities when you have to make a notice to the client when there is a change defined in the queue.

aTurnos works with Samsung's professional monitors by incorporating the settings into the hardware´s SOC without needing any other equipment. A fast cloud solution for any type of client.


Workers within a team are more productive when they feel more informed and share information related to the workday. Information about the current workday such as: available co-workers, the workload, the forecast of tasks, the current sales demand, customers, available rooms, etc; is vital for planning and for workers to adapt better to the changing conditions of their working hours. Information is power and it is even more to achieve optimized operations.

Digital Signage for the workers helps the management, to obtain information quickly and also helps the transparency in the management of personnel in the companies.

Some data that we show to the workers through the digital signage in configurable Dashboards and updated in real time are:

  • Estimated workload
  • Number of active workers
  • Number of clients per 15 min/1 Hour
  • Work highs of the day
  • Work lows of the day
  • Work intensity
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