Law Enforcement Employee Scheduling


On the occasion of the publication of Instruction 3/2016 (of the Labor Inspectorate) on intensification of control over work time and overtime, the visits of the Labor Inspectors have not been slow to occur.


Annex II of the instruction 3/2016 itself establishes the information (not exclusive) that the labor inspector should collect during his visits:

  1. Assigned shifts
  2. Daily breaks, between days and weekly
  3. Holidays worked
  4. Existence of work schedules that reflect the planning made by the company for a specific period, in this case, review them and take a copy if possible.
  5. The Day Record taking into account the following extremes
    1. It is obligatory regardless of whether overtime is done or not
    2. It must be daily and include the specific schedule of entry and exit with respect to each worker
    3. The verification of the existence of the registration must be possible in the workplace

You can have all this information in aTurnos in an organized and accessible way in a single click. In the Statement of Motives of the Instruction, the reasons that determine the intensification of control in terms of working time and overtime are included, among them:

  1. The labor flexibility (every day in more boom) justifies the reinforcement in the fulfillment of the norm on daily registry of the day, given the previous lack of definition of the periods of execution of the labor performance when criteria of flexible hours are introduced.
  2. The proportionality between the salary and the workday
  3. The conciliation
  4. The creation of employment and the decrease in unemployment are not compatible with the irregular performance of overtime by employed workers, as happens when or not the hours are declared or more than those legally established are carried out.